Late at Tate

Late at Tate with Jenny Moore

Across April, May and June I worked with Tate Collective colleagues and artist Jenny Moore to co-programme a series of performative interventions at Late at Tate's Spring Series at Tate Britain ... under the title What Am I Looking At?

Working with the theme Speculate we broke each month into sub themes; Question, Disrupt and Transform. Jenny Moore's performance art practice felt like the perfect balance of audacity, surprise and wit to visualise these concepts to our audience.

We wanted to stage series of performative pieces that questioned traditional gallery etiquette. Across the three months our team grew, working alongside The REC and dancers from Siobhan Davies Next Choreography programme. We also built up a network of performers that grew with each event which massively benefited the project.

For each night we staged different sets of performances, some nights we lay amongst artworks, filling the space with the sound of The REC. One performance in Tate Britain’s historic 1840 Room (known for housing Millais’ famous painting of Ophelia) used giant weather balloons and bicycle pumps. The group clumped together, their breathing became louder and in tune with the balloon pumping to create a contagious rhythmic resonance, until dispersing as if nothing had happened … wandering back through the space. 

In another choreographed performance, we worked with mirrors in the Rotunda. Architecture, artworks and audience were reflected in scattered but lyrical impressions, forming almost Cubist images of the space around us.